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Edgepoint Homes

See how Ginko IT set up Edgepoint Homes with mobility applications on iPad & saved 50% on costs while increasing productivity.

Who Are Edgepoint Homes?

Edgepoint Homes is a residential construction company that builds between 200 and 300 homes every year. Since August 2009, the company has been committed to developing premier homes throughout the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with a focus on interior design, colour modifications and superior quality. The company is committed to making the home building process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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Project Challenges

As a construction company, maintaining accurate and timely communication between team members on the ground and those in the office is a necessity for effectively carrying out our operations.

This particularly applies to Site Managers, who need to be increasingly mobile to carry out their responsibilities, while simultaneously maintaining access to vital information. These capabilities would allow them to make accurate decisions on the go, and keep the project moving.

Working With Ginko IT

Simply put, Ginko IT stepped in to resolve all IT issues experienced by the team at Edgepoint Homes. They installed a new server and replaced all existing hardware that was more than five years old. For increased convenience of communication, they replaced the bulky laptop computers previously used by Site Managers with iPads. The lower cost of the iPads represented a considerable monetary saving, and the tablets themselves enabled access to better and more useful applications for improved productivity.

l hardware is now purchased through Ginko IT, which also provides backup and ongoing support services, including help desk access.

Results & Metrics

Since Edgepoint Homes sought the services of Ginko IT, the two organisations have developed and maintained a strong, ongoing working relationship. Edgepoint Homes has pointed out how quick the team at Ginko IT is to respond to concerns, even outside of office hours.

The development of a yearly Managed Service Agreement (MSA) has allowed Edgepoint Homes to save on costs and predict upcoming IT expenses, and has been helpful for maintaining a consistent budget with accurate cost predictions for upcoming projects.

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What they loved most about working with Ginko IT?

The team at Edgepoint Homes finds Ginko IT to be efficient, friendly and reasonable, with all suggestions found to be useful or worthwhile from a cost saving perspective. Edgepoint Homes feels like Ginko IT is a part of their team, and enjoys the two-way relationship that exists between them.

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