Edgepoint Homes

Who are Edgepoint Homes?

Edgepoint Homes are a Residential Construction Company that builds 200 -300 homes per year. Since August 2009, they have been committed to developing premier residential houses, while incorporating services such as interior design, colour modifications, and superior quality.

For over 5 years, they have developed townhouses (both attached and detached) throughout the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Victoria. Edgepoint Homes are committed to making the home building efficient and enjoyable.

Challenges They Faced

As a construction company, Edgepoint Homes needed to maintain accurate communication between the teams on the ground as well as in the office. Accurate and timely communication was a necessity for the company to carry out its operations.

This applied especially to Site Managers, who needed to become increasingly mobile in their responsibilities while maintaining constant access to information. Such capabilities would allow them to make accurate decisions on the go and keep the building project moving.

How Did Ginko IT Help?

Simply put, Ginko stepped in to solve all of EdgePoint Home’s IT problems. Ginko IT installed a new server and replaced EdgePoint’s hardware that was over 5-years-old. To increase the convenience of communication, they also set up iPads for site managers to use as opposed to bulky laptop computers. Applications used on the iPad increased access to information and added the ability for Site Managers to take pictures of ongoing projects.

The iPads cost approx. $1600 each, which was a huge saving from the laptops, which had each cost about $3000. Another benefit of the iPads was their ability to continuously access better and more useful applications that the Site Managers could use to increase their productivity.

The migration from laptops to iPads allowed them to save 50% of costs, while greatly increasing the mobility of site managers. These were among the top priorities of Edgepoint Homes before Ginko IT came in to help.

Why Edgepoint can’t get Enough of Ginko IT’s Solutions

Since Edgepoint Homes sought the services of Ginko IT, they have maintained a continuous working relationship. Ginko IT is always quick to respond to customer concerns.

As a result, Edgepoint has built a long-standing relationship with Damian Wiseman himself. Damian views this partnership as a two-way street, and he makes sure that he is always available to address any issues, even during holidays and weekends.

Together with Ginko IT, Edgepoint developed a Managed Service Agreement that has been running for the past 12 months. This agreement has allowed Edgepoint to save on costs and to be able to predict upcoming IT expenses. EdgePoint can, therefore, develop and maintain a consistent budget that contains accurate cost predictions for upcoming projects. This Managed Service Agreement also allowed Edgepoint to make the shift from a time and materials agreement that was costly and inefficient.

All computer hardware is purchased through Ginko IT, and they also provide backup and support services. In addition, their help desk is very helpful and easy to work with.

Would Edgepoint Homes recommend Ginko IT?

Yes, Edgepoint finds Ginko IT to be very efficient, friendly and reasonable. They only make suggestions that are useful-or-worthwhile from a cost perspective.

Edgepoint is confident that Ginko IT is part of their team and enjoys the two-way relationship that exists between them.

If you are looking for an IT Partner to support your busy team, contact Ginko IT here.