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Stroud Homes

Working with Stroud Homes, Ginko IT was able to reduce hardware costs and overall monthly expenditures by 60% per annum, while simplifying business systems.

Who Are Stroud Homes?

Stroud Homes is a licensed group of six local builders, specialising in the design and construction of different types of home. Each builder has many years of design and construction experience, working with clients to produce high quality and attractive homes.

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Before working with Ginko IT 

The operations of Stroud Homes are highly dependent on efficient IT systems. The team needs to closely collaborate with clients, local councils, land developers and other service providers.

Initially, Stroud Homes worked with two other companies to manage their IT services, both directly and remotely. This arrangement did not yield the desired results, and the team felt Stroud Homes was being overcharged and underserviced.

Challenges faced by Stroud Homes

As a result of inefficient IT systems, Stroud Homes experienced the following challenges:

  • High operational costs
  • Instances of unreliable service, including slow responses to client concerns and requests from service providers
  • Lack of knowledge about how their IT systems should work, and the results they should yield.

Working with Ginko IT

Stroud Homes was referred to Ginko IT by two of its partners, Databuild and Companion, initially for support with data billing services.

By implementing an effective data model, Ginko IT was able to simplify the Stroud Homes billing process, and identify gaps in the data they were receiving.

Ginko IT upgraded the technology used by Stroud Homes, implemented faster hardware solutions, and took over the management of critical systems.

Results & Metrics

Stroud Homes was satisfied with the services offered by Ginko IT. The company now enjoys a more stable IT environment, and benefits from IT services focused on helping them meet their specific business requirements. For Stroud Homes, Ginko IT has been able to effectively respond to rapidly changing requirements, while reducing costs and stabilising accounts.

Working with Ginko IT has allowed Stroud Homes to achieve the following milestones:

  • Reduced hardware costs by 60 per cent per annum
  • Reduced overall monthly expenditures by 60 per cent
  • A hosted, simplified system that adapts to the needs of the business
  • Remote access to a centralised and stable system that supports the control of core business functions

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What they loved most about working with Ginko IT?

Stroud Homes highly recommends Ginko IT due to its expertise and ability to carry out the required tasks with high quality results. Ginko IT also works closely with Stroud Homes clients, making them feel as though they’re all part of the same team.

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