Remote Access

Remote Access: A Timely Investment

Never before has it been so important that your team has easy, uninterrupted remote access to your network infrastructure.

Ongoing Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic required workers to suddenly find ways of conducting their roles from home, at the snap of the government’s fingers. Out of this necessity opportunities have emerged, with remote and flexible working arrangements likely to remain an integral part of the operations of every business, long after the pandemic has passed.

Existing infrastructure may have offered a small contingent the opportunity for remote access in the pre-pandemic world, but with more and more team members requiring the same thing in a sustained capacity, existing set-ups may need to be re-thought to meet demand over the long-term.

How can we help?

The ability of staff to securely access documents and desktops from wherever they are located is essential. For companies seeking to explore the most effective means of continuing to enable this in the future, now is an opportune time to explore their options, of which there are many.

For instance, virtual private networks (VPNs) can be set up to enable this sort of access, while cloud servers provide an equally effective solution.

To ensure your chosen approach is effective and secure, you’ll need some expert advice to help navigate the possibilities.

Next Step

Get in touch and Ginko IT and we will work with you to understand your needs and aspirations, as well as the structure of your team. These insights will be used to identify and seamlessly implement the most appropriate remote access solutions that will best serve your business and team.

Let’s discuss a tailored solution to suit your business needs.

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