Issues and challenges with cloud hosting for small business

Small business hears about putting everything in “the cloud” all the time. While that essentially boils down to working with the Internet (and we know the opportunities are immense), it does also come with its own set of issues and challenges in relation to cloud...

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Why do You Need Network Security for Your Business?

With the evolution of the Internet, computer networks and systems have become bigger and more complex. This has led to an alarming increase in the number of threats that affect computer systems. These threats range from bugs and viruses to hackers. For this reason,...

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Understanding the ins and outs of an Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office has proven an important part of the business software for decades. Now, Microsoft has taken its services up a notch with Microsoft Office 365. If you currently run an older Office system but have decided to make the leap up to 365, you may have...

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Taking the complication out of Managed Services

Taking advantage of managed services is a beneficial way to improve productivity within your company. Dedicating valuable time towards phones, data maintenance, IT support and other essential business requirements can prove both costly and a drag on your productivity....

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