Reducing The Risk Of Human Error When Combining Mobility And Technology

The research is in. A recent study found workers are more productive when they can bring their own device (BYOD) to work and where workplace mobility is encouraged. The research found employees were more familiar with their own devices thereby reducing the risk of human error when combining mobility and technology.

Undeniable benefits

Few would disagree with the many benefits of mobility – it’s far easier to access data, applications, tools and workers can do their jobs from any location, increasing their productivity and reducing the amount of downtime due to weather disruptions, public transit hassles or other unexpected events that might keep them out of the office.

Time saved – and more time to think

Elsewhere, mobility provides field workers with secure access to applications and databases, allowing them to eliminate trips back and forth to the office and duplicate data entry tasks and that in itself provides the means of reducing the risk of human error when combining mobility and technology.

The ability to work from any location increases connection to the employer and improves both retention and recruitment. A global study found that more than 80 per cent of workers found that mobility and technology had helped them become more efficient – and they also reported a higher rate of employee satisfaction – which would contribute to reducing the risk of human error when combining mobility and technology.

How to address challenges

Easy-to-use mobile management tools MDM “Mobile Device management “for employer-provided or employee-owned devices provide centralised and remote management, monitoring and security for all types of mobile devices, applications and at-rest or in-transit data. For example, they can be used to lock down or wipe a stolen or lost devices, provide role-based access to data and applications, troubleshoot device or application problems and upgrade software and operating systems and even Geo Fencing.

Nonetheless, the benefits of mobility has its own set of challenges and difficulties including that mobile devices and programs are more complex to deploy and manage than familiar wired technologies and environments. However, careful planning ought to alleviate these.

Communication is key

Enterprise mobility flips transfers much of the control of devices, apps and services to the end user – and in the process, creates new security and management challenges. Indeed, how does one ensure human error is kept to a minimum? By understanding that – just like if an employee was in the office – effective and clear communication is key. After all, the root of human error is often poor communication or trying to do a job under duress due to factors such as a poor understanding of what’s required, time constraints or confusion.

Fast action

Using this clear communication strategy, the functions and responsibilities of your staff can be well coordinated so as to quickly deal with concerns or needs that need to be addressed thereby reducing the risk of human error when combining mobility and technology.

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