Ginko IT provides a comprehensive suite of IT support solutions that are designed to aid SMEs and enterprises and ensure that downtime is eliminated

We cover full spectrum IT services


Computers and Information Systems (IS) are the core components of a technology driven business. However, if your access to computers, networks, email, or the internet is restricted for any possible reason, then running a business efficiently becomes almost impossible. In other words, you are bound to face unexpected downtime that can not only affect the performance of your Information Systems, but can also compromise operational efficiency, productivity, and collaboration as a result.

With fast and expert IT support, Ginko IT aids small to medium businesses and enterprises in Australia by meeting their support needs. We offer comprehensive IT support for both hardware and software via remote access, onsite, and even telephone. With our managed IT support and IT Support on Demand solutions, your business can rest assure that unexpected downtimes are eliminated from the workflow.


What You Get

A Dynamic IT Support Team as the Backbone of Your Operations


At Ginko IT, we realise that downtimes and unexpected technical issues can arise at any time without prior indication. That however, does not mean that you let your operations suffer from what could be a minor issue. This is where our IT support solutions can help your business take advantage of proactive maintenance, support, and management that maintains the smooth operations of your IT systems. By choosing us as your IT support management team, you get to take advantage of:

Essential Support on Demand – This IT Support package is ideal for SMEs that have an in-house IT department which can provide maintenance. Support on Demand means that we can help resolve issues in your hardware or software from remote locations, onsite, or via telephone.

Priority Support – Managed IT support is practical for all types of businesses as it provides a comprehensive layer of protection to your Information Systems. Unlimited support, proactive maintenance and upgrades, and 24/7 monitoring enables you to drive value into each process.

Priority One Support – We understand that your goal is to serve your customers beyond their expectations. With Priority One support, this is our goal to ensure that your IT systems are taken care of beyond your expectations, giving you time to focus on the critical aspects of your business.

With rapid and responsive support round the clock and dedicated teams for IT support solutions, Ginko IT empowers your business in more ways than one!


Why Choose Ginko IT?


If you want to ensure that your Information Systems don’t become a hindrance in pursuing your company’s goals, then you need to be backed by comprehensive IT support. At Ginko IT, we provide just that at affordable monthly packages that can drive value in your business. We also prepare monthly analytical reports to help you strategise your IT systems to further optimise productivity.