Why do You Need Network Security for Your Business?

With the evolution of the Internet, computer networks and systems have become bigger and more complex. This has led to an alarming increase in the number of threats that affect computer systems. These threats range from bugs and viruses to hackers. For this reason, businesses are increasingly securing their networks with software products that protect them against attacks. If your business conducts its operations online, you need to secure its network systems for the following reasons.

Protection of Clients’ Data

Cybercrime, fraud and identity theft has been one of the main talking points in the current digital age. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your clients’ data is kept safe and secure. You can achieve this by setting up a fool proof network security system that reduces the risk of pertinent data being susceptible to theft.  Working with a qualified network security partner can go a long way in making sure your business meets the right security standards to protect both your data and your clients.

Protection of Computer Systems from Harmful Spyware (Endpoint Security)

The market is saturated with Endpoint security options and all of them lay claim to being the best at stopping cybercrime. Endpoint security software goes a long way in protecting your computers from spyware, virus attacks, and ransomware, but is only part of the overall security framework needed to protect your network. It is very rare these days for a virus to be sent directly to you. Most producers of ransomware are smart enough to realise that they will not penetrate most email systems with an obvious bit of code. They instead use legitimate looking emails and websites to trick the end user to install software or garner passwords and secured data. This means that the virus is well on its way before most endpoint security realises it has been infected and is usually too late to do much except alert you to the fact.

Multi-layered approach to network security

So, if endpoint security software is not the solution how do you protect yourself from cybercrime? I remember a client that insisted on having two physically separate networks; an “internet network” and an “applications network.”  All users had two computers and data was transferred between the two computers via a USB flash drive. Staff would complain about the simple most basic processes taking a ridiculous amount of time and the cost of maintaining that network was obviously twice as much as other similar sized businesses for obvious reasons. Despite being an unworkable network and well before the advent of ransomware, I look back at that network with fondness. It was secure even with USB transfer, it would have stopped 99% of attacks from reaching the application computers. I am not advocating using an “internet” network in your business, mainly because it wouldn’t work today. The reality of the “internet of things” requires a different approach. Everything that connects to the internet and to your network in anyway is a potential vulnerability. So a multi-layered approach is needed. An enterprise-grade Firewall/Gateway with Web filtering. Email filtering 3rd party. Endpoint protection. Isolation of Mobile devices. Anti-Encryption software. And backup. And backups. Did I mention backups?

Increased System Stability

Websites and computer systems that are exposed to high traffic levels often experience stability problems that make them more prone to attacks. Network security stabilises your computer systems thus lowering the risk of an attack. It similarly improves users’ experience.

Better Network Performance

Investing in a reliable network security solution means less downtime, higher productivity and usually reduces the cost to the business for inefficiencies and lost productivity. Efficiency is enhanced, staff and clients are happy and better productivity usually results in boosted profit margins and reduced costs associated with IT for your business.

A 2017 Australian study found that the cost of a data breach on average is $2.51 million, that’s to each of the Australian companies who chose to participate in the annual survey.

In addition, 65% of Australian organisations fell victim to cyber-attacks in the last 2 years alone. This highlights the significance of putting in place a high quality network security system.

Protecting your client’s data as well of your own is more critical now than it has ever been as we embrace the digital age. Speak with Ginko IT today about how we can help you protect your data here.

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