Cloud Solutions – How to ensure you maintain data security during the implementation process

The dynamic business environment requires the application of innovative solutions to various situations. Cloud computing is a vital investment for your business, only when correctly implemented. Failure to evaluate the data security protection systems can dilute the benefits of cloud computing and incur losses to your business. Here are relevant methods to guide you on the process:

1. Research the Risks Associated with Cloud Computing

Critically analyse the risks related to the process and evaluate your tolerance to them. You should ensure that the cloud provider is compliant with the established security controls. The providers should possess certifications to confirm their fidelity to your network. The certifications depend on the services offered by the vendor; IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.

2. Manage People Who Access your Data and Applications

Cloud Computing allows some provider’s employees to access your data and applications. You should ensure that you only allow trustworthy employees to have access to the system. The provider should guarantee a secure system of identifying the individuals accessing your data and application systems. Always ensure that there is tamper-proof Identity and Access Management (IdAM) to manage access to the network.

3. Address Privacy Concerns

Leakage of sensitive and private data can be costly to your organisation. You should ensure that the cloud computing firm has clear privacy terms to protect your data. You must ensure that unauthorised individuals don’t access the data.

4. Monitor the Network Traffic

You should only receive or send data to legitimate traffic. If you realise a malicious individual, you should block them to protect the integrity of your system. Since the cloud computing involves two parties, ensure that there exists a legally binding agreement on the role of each party in providing security and privacy measures.

5. Evaluate the physical location of the Cloud Computing Firm

You should ensure that the firm is located in a safe environment. The environment should offer a guarantee against unauthorised access, attacks, destruction of equipment and other factors that may compromise your data.

6. Understand the Exit System

Always ensure that you get a written guarantee that after you exit, none of your data will be left with the cloud service provider. This will ensure that unauthorised individuals won’t access your applications after the exit.

Ensuring appropriate security measures is paramount to the success of cloud services implementation. Always ensure that you evaluate the company you are considering working with and check the above to ensure that they will protect your network.

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